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decisions, decisions, decisions...

...the three most important activities of corporate executives. Their dollar consequences can be enormous and their quality and timeliness can make or break your business. Structured Decisions Corporation (SDC) helps busy executives by creating systems that implement day-to-day decisions. We focus on those that are mission critical, repetitive and rooted in the complexities of your operations.

Usually, the systems SDC builds are computer-implemented and often embody a detailed mathematical model of your firm's operations.

Our areas of expertise include:

Homeland Security
Criminal Justice
Queueing Analysis
Workforce sizing

records quality index

RQI What is the RQI? As the evaluator of federally-funded criminal history records improvement programs, SDC developed a state and national Records Quality Index (RQI). Like the Dow Jones Index of 30 bell-weather stocks, the RQI - based on a small set of key measures - characterizes the performance of large-scale criminal history systems.




> On Sunday November 22, SDC's Chairman, Dr. Richard C. Larson, also known as Dr. Q (see Dr. Q's corner below), was interviewed about the science and psychology of waiting in line in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. With 'Black Friday' looming, Dr. Q offers valuable 'retail therapy' shopping insights and Q-tips. Read more.

> Speaking of queueing, SDC is currently working with the City of New York to help shorten the delay between the time a person is arrested and his/her first vappearance before a judge (the 'arraignment'). The City's arrest to arraignment system is a complex set of interconnected queues of people and paperwork. Read more.

Dr. Q’s Corner

In Dr. Q's Corner, we share queueing experiences and important Queue Tips to help others avoid waiting lines or make the wait more tolerable. See our current paper on Queueing in US Presidential Elections. Read more.