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Emergency Response for Homeland Security
The below publications were supported in whole or in part by SDC's research under the University of Southern California's Department of Homeland Security-funded Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorist Events (CREATE).  

National Evaluation of Federally-Funded
Criminal History Records Improvement Programs
Under a multiyear grant from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, SDC is evaluating how federal programs such as the National Criminal History Records Improvement Program (NCHIP) impact the quality of state criminal history systems and bring the states closer to meeting federal statutory mandates.

Firearm Eligibility Background Checks Research
With BJS funding and the close collaboration of the  FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), SDC's research has shed light on the cost-benefit of checks conducted by states versus by the FBI, the scope and nature of replicated background checks, and the impact of denying prospective firearm purchasers.