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  Why SDC?      

The SDC Advantage

Because you can depend on us to help you to reach your decisions quickly, effectively and creatively - and save you money. In particular:

  • SDC provides practical, realistic and real-time solutions to a broad range of decision problems.
  • SDC customized solutions offer a dramatic return on investment.
  • SDC not only solves your immediate problem but can also provide you with a software decision support tool that helps you to confront similar problems in the future.
  • SDC has developed a number of creative decision support tools, including its well established SwiftLine product which can deal with a variety of complex queuing issues; and the Desktop Hypercube for optimally deploying patrol cars and ambulances.
  • SDC customer relationships are long term, as customers recognize the value of SDC and engage us to tackle other decision problems - we seek to be your partner as you make real-time operational, short-term tactical and long-term strategic decisions.